The mission of the Natuzzi Group is to create value with integrity: For clients, employees and shareholders, creating value with integrity means acting with TRUST and TRANSPARENCY, focusing on TEAMING, having ACCOUNTABILITY and working with PASSION. This implies above all full compliance with the law and a strong sense of responsibility towards the Group and all the people involved. These are not simply a list of rules to be followed or theories to be applied; but actual values we take to heart, a real frame of reference for all those who have dealings with Natuzzi Group.

Natuzzi Group Business Links

Advertising Site

This site provides images and logos for Natuzzi Editions and Italsofa brands; for Natuzzi Italia business information or advertising needs please visit the Natuzzi Italia Dealer site.

Business Portal

Access to this website is restricted to Natuzzi Group employees and authorized Natuzzi Group personnel.

Sales Tool

Natuzzi Group sales representatives use this site to input sales and prospective sales data.

Natuzzi Italia Dealer Site

Visit this site for Natuzzi Italia product and business updates.

Natuzzi Education Site

Visit this site for Natuzzi Group education lessons to sharpen your skills in selling Natuzzi Group products.